forget the formula

I kind of relate to this tree outside my window. It fell over and is just resting there. “How ’bout I just grow while I’m lying down?” Sounds so sweet. I’ve been on overdrive. In a good way. My dear daughter was visiting from Algeria and life went into Ariella mode. Full swing. And I […]


Can you see that these are shifts made from one image to the next? I was having trouble accepting the horse on the right on the top image. I am guessing that in the winter light the colors worked better for me. And I know the computer doesn’t capture them accurately – but the blues […]


Earlier in the spring, I thought to myself: you won’t have these gorgeous woods to yourself once it gets warmer and more beautiful out. It is warmer. It is definitely more beautiful. Look at this wildflower, a ladyslipper. If it is picked, it will not rejuvenate. And no one is picking this… because (“dun-da-dun”) no […]

who’s doing what?

I was out on walking dear Peaches on a day that was supposed to be rainy – and the sun was shining shamelessly – when a question came to mind: who’s walking who? I think I’m taking the pup out. BUT possibly, the darn pup is taking me out. Out of my house. Away from […]

“how are you?”

People are coming back to the lake after a winter away. I see acquaintances I know in passing, know well enough to smile and acknowledge and ask: “How are you?” They say some positive answer and the question bounces back to me. I answer. I love this lake with the crazy wild weather of the […]

getting ready

Earlier in the day – pre the time this photo was taken on a sweet woods wander – Peaches and I were walking on the grass at Whole Foods in Portland when we saw a discarded label: other side up. Well, on one of the first balmy days in May in Maine, that kind of […]

the word: fun

You hear people say: words are just words until you live them. And a word you hear a lot : fun.  You’re not feeling well? Go have some fun. You’re tired? Do something fun. If I knew how to do those, dammit, I’d be doing them now. I’m too this. I’m too that. I can’t […]

soothing dynamism

Running horses? Relaxing? Is that possible? I was out walking in the woods. Walking. Not running. But watching Peaches run hither and thither. It had been pouring rain, so happily we had this lovely piece of outdoors to ourselves. I loved it. Roaming the now quiet woods. In Barry Lopez’s thoughtful book, Horizon, he brings […]


Remember that stream that Peaches was trying to reach – was it only a week ago? Maybe two. And yes, she’s incredulous. Spring. A time to be outdoors. Just being. Aaaaaaah. As I was strolling through the rainy woods today – blessing the rain for keeping most others away – I loved that feeling of […]

the real …

I left the lake today. The quiet lake. I took this photo to capture that: how fully I felt. The quiet. Very few people are around. But many are online. And so is so much else: lots of art. Which made this particular paragraph in Broad Strokes stand out for me: (preface: it was written […]