Earlier in the spring, I thought to myself: you won’t have these gorgeous woods to yourself once it gets warmer and more beautiful out. It is warmer. It is definitely more beautiful. Look at this wildflower, a ladyslipper. If it is picked, it will not rejuvenate. And no one is picking this… because (“dun-da-dun”) no one else is in the woods : there are SO MANY BUGS! If you stop walking, you could probably inhale the mosquitos.

But armed with lots of bug spray, Peaches and I are secretly happy. As are the many wildflowers in bloom. As is my art brain: loving the time to be out and quiet.

Because, yes, after a week’s hiatus of having sweet time with Ariella, home from Algeria, it feels great to be back doing art.

And after time away, I see things in my art that I didn’t see before. And well, some of them “bug” me. Yeah. Enough to goad me into action.

Shift the colors. Work the connections. Find the song.

Thanks, bugs. For keeping the beautiful woods so peaceful. And – yes – for bugging me into better art. (okay, I know it’s not the same bugs, but hey!)

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