The crunch of crusty snow underfoot. The cold wind in your face. The woods to yourself. It’s February. Peaches loves February. Sniffing for scents of

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oh dear

How timely. I just finished reading a book on Ai Wei Wei. It’s his autobiography which is more about who he is than a display

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speaking of mess

It’s only the weather. The gluey heavy mess outside. That mess. It’s been tough to enjoy lately. Weather. Why talk about something you can’t control,

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It’s been snowing out. Wind and snow. What they call blinding snow. And they call it that because what you are able to see is

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Some days you just start off on the wrong foot. In a lousy mood. You should meditate. “Should”. You don’t. Instead, you do art. Why

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First of all how did this get printed? I found it years ago in – CVS? – maybe. I admit, I was looking for cards

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When someone says the word green what color do you see? What’s crazy is that the mind usually is more a determinant than the color

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July 4, 2021

It’s July 4. And it’s little bit wet out. It’s been more than a little bit wet now for days. For the loudest time of

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You have an idea. And image. This. This is what you want to create. Or not. You have a blank slate. Canvas. Silk, in this

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Picture of Salley Knight

Salley Knight

Salley Knight is an American textile artist. She creates sil installations using ancient Japanese techniques.