Okay, so life is going along going along going along. Park time, woods walk time, feeding time, that expected routine. Day in day out. Slight

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I don’t know why I had to draw this image. Or maybe I do. Maybe I wanted to be the one swinging. Or the one

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All smooshed together on the bench. Now… not so much. Unless you’re already smooshed, don’t do it. Right? But we love the smoosh. The flesh

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My brain is on the theme of babies. This drawing of young ones hints at babies much older than little Artemis. Artemis. “Temy”. A sweet

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present tense

Remember yesterday? So much happens in a day now. And it makes each moment matter in a way I have not experienced in my life

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I had about 10 minutes of time for art today – but thought I’d share that image anyway. Listening. As we go through this time.

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When my children were young, we had a dinner table ritual of asking each one to share about their day. We’d go around the table

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Someone else has been taking the pooch to the park. Giving her a good walk. Bringing her back. Life one day. Not the same the

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the low low down

It was like this… And then, it wasn’t. We went different ways. We left home. And all this complexity that life is came at us

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tha low down

“Lemme tell you…” “Hey! Get this…” “I bet you didn’t know…” Girl talk. talk talk talk. Taaaaaalk. I grew up in a family of 5

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Picture of Salley Knight

Salley Knight

Salley Knight is an American textile artist. She creates her art using ancient Japanese techniques of hand-dyeing on silk.