I found some yellow! I wasn’t sure I had any. The exceptional French dyes I’ve relied on for years have been discontinued. Which means, I

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not alone

I had an exquisite time walking with my friend, Jan, today. Because of the way our lives and the world have unfolded in the last

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One of the huge blessings of this house on the lake is that it is really ON the lake. I look outside my windows into

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this moment

Right now, what matters seems significant. SIGNIFICANT. And what people are moved to create likely reflects that feeling. That what is put out must resonate.

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Ariella left for NH yesterday. Briefly, I saw other family members who are staying there now, as they came to swoop her up. And then

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Can you tell I’m spending time with a young child? Talking about a lot the bears. Feeling close. Everything seems close now. Close to my

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Can I say I’ve started doing art again? I was sidetracked there for a while. After my whole wrist smash-up and excitement over using my

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remember when

Ariella and I were walking along. She was pushing Cecilia in the stroller. I had Peaches on the leash alongside. It was the dog walk/people

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Picture of Salley Knight

Salley Knight

Salley Knight is an American textile artist. She creates her art using ancient Japanese techniques of hand-dyeing on silk.