f words

okay, so this is what’s happening outside in April and we were, well, not exactly expecting it we had certain feelings you know, yeah, those

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and how’re you doin’? when life is going in unexpected directions… When I was in my teens, I spent two years learning to speak Serbo-Croatian

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We’re on the swing. The three of us. Feeling – well – kind of tender. Some days are like this. And so we get up

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Some of us are busier than ever. Many are not. Many are just hanging. And now, I am lucky beyond lucky to be hanging with

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This rough sketch on the rough paper – can you see? Yes. On a bench, people all jammed together. Way back when. Can you hear

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it’s Monday

Oh yeah. It’s Monday. Back in your seat. Pencil in hand. You make one mark. You make the next. Then oops. Where’s your eraser, darn

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I got this new water color paper. When I went to order more, the store was sold out of the type I’d been using. So

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Can you see the figure? So quiet. Resting. What a magical word that is. For the new mother, what you cherish is sleep. For yourself.

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Rock-a-by baby. That’s the first impulse. Soothe the small small being. Lulled. The brain gets surges of sweet momentum. And is eased. Then … a

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Picture of Salley Knight

Salley Knight

Salley Knight is an American textile artist. She creates her art using ancient Japanese techniques of hand-dyeing on silk.