forget the formula

I kind of relate to this tree outside my window. It fell over and is just resting there. “How ’bout I just grow while I’m lying down?”

Sounds so sweet.

I’ve been on overdrive. In a good way. My dear daughter was visiting from Algeria and life went into Ariella mode. Full swing. And I loved it. Meanwhile, I had this idea I would also be keeping up with my life, which I managed to – well – I managed to let go of a lot, but hold on the expectation of doing it anyway.

And now I’m here at the lake. Relaxing. It’s Sunday. And I’m reminiscing about that feeling of childhood summer mode. Those days when nothing nothing nothing happened and it was normal. Aaaaah.

And, by contrast, I was thinking of the idea of what someone needed to DO to accomplish. The idea of a formula: work hard to get where you want to go. 

Hmmmm. That was a tricky one for the family I grew up in. For a pretty, I think, amusing reason.

The progenitor of greatest acclaim had done so well because… he fell asleep on the job. By chance, the product he deemed ruined turned out to be more desirable than what would have been produced if he’d “worked hard/stayed awake”. Falling asleep = road to success. Right? I get it.

I think I’ll look out at the tree and decide to feel good.

(so…. that’s how I was thinking on Sunday. And today it’s Monday. Hmmmmm.

I’m thinking. You know, doin’ stuff/making it happen… That might be the best part. Could it be?)