Can you see that these are shifts made from one image to the next?

I was having trouble accepting the horse on the right on the top image. I am guessing that in the winter light the colors worked better for me. And I know the computer doesn’t capture them accurately – but the blues now were not as subtle as I wanted. They were not “singing” with the rest.

I totally redid the horse, and then that square seemed to want to move to a different place in the order. The greener horse on the right now serves to pull that background green along. And it plays off the reds of the first horse.

When I do and redo, I think of Giacometti – and the book I read years ago about how willing he was to erase and do over, at any stage of the process. And he also would leave signs of his erasure. Of his process.

We see and re-see an art work. Time can shift perception. And it all can be part of the art. The art can carry the changes within it.

That part, I do enjoy.

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