who’s doing what?

I was out on walking dear Peaches on a day that was supposed to be rainy – and the sun was shining shamelessly – when a question came to mind: who’s walking who? I think I’m taking the pup out. BUT possibly, the darn pup is taking me out. Out of my house. Away from my sitting. Into a world of … well, look at this sweet blossom! Would I have seen this without my pup’s walk?

When I go outdoors, I’m stepping away from my art. The art that I started. The art where I told myself: I’m going to create this certain piece.

I start that “certain piece”. I get going. And then – well, the art starts showing me what’s next. And it’s like we are moving together. I do one thing, another thing needs to happen. And I’m in deep. Immersed. Loving it.

I ask myself: am I creating the art or is it creating me?

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