“how are you?”

People are coming back to the lake after a winter away. I see acquaintances I know in passing, know well enough to smile and acknowledge and ask: “How are you?” They say some positive answer and the question bounces back to me.

I answer. I love this lake with the crazy wild weather of the last few days: wind and rain. I love the relative quiet and peace of May. I can say to them: “I’m fine.”

Later in the evening, someone I know deeply asks me the question. Same question. Different answer. Now I’m talking about the crazy weather inside. And thinking to myself: can’t the bad weather stay out there? Where we just put on or take off a darn coat?

But no. It storms away in the depths. And – as a good friend of mine says – “feeds” me as an artist. Dunno about that one.

But the great thing about weather is: it does change. Outside. And inside.

So, yeah. The clouds have parted. The storm’s subsided.

Ask me yesterday: “How are you?” I say: not so good.

Ask me today. Today I’m doin’ good.

Doin’ real good.