getting ready

Earlier in the day – pre the time this photo was taken on a sweet woods wander – Peaches and I were walking on the grass at Whole Foods in Portland when we saw a discarded label: other side up.

Well, on one of the first balmy days in May in Maine, that kind of captures it all. Sun? Warmth? Outside? That’s basically “other side up” for this area after a long haul winter.

And with those feelings I remember springtime in Virginia, where I grew up. Virginia does spring. 

Not in a day, like Maine, but for months. The glorious unfolding. Pale green, yellow green, lime green…

And of course, the birth of the horses. Born in spring. Always at night. I’d hear the late night call of whoever was watching the mare. And then see the flashlights.

The next morning, the gangly new foal would be trying to stand.Trying to nurse. Just out in the world.

“Other side up” was inside – out for the young ones. Either way, it was all new and growing. All that freshness.

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