it’s gonna be a great summer

How can it not be?

People in New England are complaining about a long cold spring. I go out for walks in the woods and I NEVER have encountered so many mosquitoes. And it keeps on raining and raining and raining.

But this four leaf clover. It takes me back. Back to my childhood summers in Virginia where it doesn’t just get hot. It gets sticky.

I would feed the chickens in the early morning. Outside their cage was a stretch of clover. I don’t know why it’s been easy for me to spot the four leaf ones. I associate them with summertime.

With the cool beginnings of the day which would slowly, or not so slowly heat up. Heavy, moist heat. You’d soon go inside. Get out of the sun. You’d get a cool drink. Sit down in front of a fan.

That’s how you coped.

That’s what summer was. Slow. Relaxed.

You knew it was summer when you stopped moving.

I don’t have chickens. I don’t live in Virginia. I rarely experience that blanket heat.

But that clover tells me:

Take it easy.

It’s going to be a great summer.

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