I was just out taking Peaches for a walk up the little peak near me. I noticed a car parked at the entrance to the trail – and sure enough, we soon encountered a mom carrying a tiny baby, the grandmother, and then a young boy dawdling alongside. I trotted past them, thinking I would quickly leave them behind.

Not so much. A few minutes later, the young boy is alongside. Not only alongside but running ahead. Peaches is delighted. His name is Kyle, he’s 4 years old, and he’s going to the “picnic table”. I was NOT intending to go to the top. But Kyle was so sure that I must take him there, ahead of his family, that indeed I was lured. To the top. With my new friend.

Walking alongside. Talking alongside. And then, admiring that view at the top. So rewarding.

So with my art. Come with me! Let me show you this, at the start. And now – I’m further along… stay with me. Stay with me as the climb gets steeper, as it gets more challenging. I want you to keep me company. I want you to be there with me. To celebrate “the view” at the top.