done in

It’s been raining. It’s cold. We were outside too long. The pooch is done in.

But I’m okay. I’m not done in. I’m coming out of that state.

Whenever I hit a particularly challenging time in my life – for whatever reason – I have this habit of looking around and thinking to myself: why me? Look at all those others that are just going along fine.

And then I was listening to someone who does a lot of “help” in that area, and she commented that life is like this: you eat a meal and then a little while later, you’re hungry for another. You will always want the next meal.

Somehow – and it made sense to me – she was equating challenging situations to meals. That they feed you. In a good way. You grow.

Okay, so yeah. I see that. But how about enjoying the meal itself more? Bitch and moan.

Really, my life is good. I can complain when my dye isn’t precisely the color I want. Yeah.

That probably tells you a lot.