soothing dynamism

Running horses? Relaxing? Is that possible?

I was out walking in the woods. Walking. Not running. But watching Peaches run hither and thither.

It had been pouring rain, so happily we had this lovely piece of outdoors to ourselves. I loved it. Roaming the now quiet woods.

In Barry Lopez’s thoughtful book, Horizon, he brings up the matter: this idea that so many people carry around: of taking our tumultuous minds to the wilderness to calm them down. The idea of the wild mind and peaceful earth. That often heard belief and/or experience.

He compares that to the Inupiaq Eskimo concept: that the earth is actually NOT quiet. Rather, it’s “always in a state of enduring change – ice breaking up on rivers in spring, foxes preying on voles… – but it give us the illusion of constancy … relative to the (everchanging) weather that passes over it.” Lopez suggested that it is this very CHANGING environment, both of earth and weather, that is so reassuring. Not this idea one might carry around of the busy – minded visitor in a static environment.

I find this understanding of the outdoors as dynamic to be compelling. Even nurturing. Matching some deep inner sense. A belonging.

It also helps me to understand how motion can be calming. That the horses that I seek to portray, running full tilt, can bring a feeling of peace. That a horse galloping might actually be: thrilling, but also – natural. Right. Soothing.

Peaches scooting past me. Horses at play. All for ease.

Ease of mind.