how it feels

Measurement is everywhere. Statistics. Logarithms. Math matters.

Until it doesn’t.

When Rhonda came to help me sew my pieces together, she asked: “What is the distance between each piece that is sewn?” I handed her the piece of paper in the photo. No ruler. No number. It’s what FELT right to me.

If you look at the work from a distance, it appears that the sewn pieces of cloth are equidistant:

On closer inspection:

not so much.

But altogether it feels right to me. And that’s what matters.

It brings to mind a recollection from years ago when I was just starting art school. The head of the school spoke to us all, on day one, roughly these words: “Probably most of your parents are wondering what you are doing in art school, maybe wishing you were going into medicine or law. But as I stand here, I ask you, how many names of famous lawyers can you list? Doctors? Now, how many famous artists?”

Artists touch people. It’s their emotions that are affected. How it feels.