verdant green

See that early spring green that is very yellow? Do you see it as green or yellow?

When I take my work to the photographer, he argues with me about that color – I call it green and he sees it is unquestionably as yellow. And then, to back himself up, he pulls out scientific data that indicates that men’s eyes see greens differently that women’s eyes – that it has something to do with evolution and how the women had to differentiate color more (as gatherers), where men were more tuned to seeing movement (as hunters), which is more based on dark and light.

Green. Seen differently by different genders. And it’s also the color that photographs least well. Cameras have a wide range of ability to translate other colors. Much less so with green.

And I’m using a lot of green. I use it to cover up the snow, the grey, the absence of color in the landscape behind it. I’m using green to hide the outdoors, even as I’m celebrating it. And I also think I’m using the green to nourish my soul at this time. I’m bringing in the reference to life opening up even as the ground is most covered.