it’s that kind of day

It’s grey out. Quiet. No sun. In Seattle this would be the norm. When I lived there, I had the strangest sensation of time standing still – there were no seasons to mark time in the way that I understood: no hot- hot summers, cold-cold winters, and those really transformative falls and springs.

In New Hampshire, the seasons are strongly defined: summer is the pearl that everyone arrives to enjoy, fall is stunning for the foliage color, winter attracts others for skiing and the cold, while spring seems to neeevvver come. Okay, it’s January. There is a long wait ahead. But am I dreaming of tulips? Yes I am.

Dreaming as I sew. And as I handle, all day every day – colors that bring to mind that season. Verdant green. When will I see that? Living in NH, it will be so obvious. The ground itself will become visible and I’ll smell the earth again. That I look forward to. That’s when I’m scheduled to have this piece done.