This is not working – I mean, my new idea is not working yet. But I want to share it anyway because I’m so excited about it.

I realized that I was seeing my piece in 2D. What about the mountains behind the mountains? I’m getting started but these colors are not right: they are coming on too strong. But I’ll find the right ones. I’ll get it to read in the way I want.

But the reason I’m so excited is that I even THOUGHT of this idea: I am someone who only partially sees 3D. Did you know they can test for that? The tests are ridiculous: the optometrist shows you a series of pictures of a fly and you either see each one as flat or as coming off the page, and they increase in difficulty for the ability to see 3D … I could see the first several as full dimensional, and then not.

The reason I don’t see 3D completely is that, until age 3, I had no muscular control over my eyes. By quite miraculous good fortune (the odds were 1000 to 1, I’m told), my eye operation succeeded. I have a strong memory of the first sight I saw clearly: boats on the Charles River. At any rate, my eyes were corrected, but my brain had been trying to cope all those years and so had adopted to seeing out of one eye at a time. Supposedly there is a window of time for your brain to hardwire seeing. So, as a child, I learned a LITTLE bit about seeing 3D. But now I don’t all the time.

Which means I get excited about the IDEA of 3D. So that’s where I am now. At the idea stage.

By the way, many famous artists did not see 3D, among them: Picasso. (fun fact)