Silence when we let it exist it feeds our soul.~ Gordon Hempton

In this piece of art that I am slowly creating, I use this method of working first on the areas where the color is moving, flowing from one area or intensity to another. My plan is to come back and later fill in the areas where, by contrast, the color is not shifting. However, what I notice is that these vacant areas start to take on a dimension of their own. Their “silence” is present.

It brings to mind this story I enjoy so much:

The story (unknown origin) concerns a Japanese print or painting that has a small bird sitting on a limb off to the side and nothing more. When the patron views this work of art, he asks, why did you leave so much blank? The Japanese artist’s response: the bird needs somewhere to fly. Of course.

In my piece, there are no birds. But perhaps the viewer might feel that invitation to enter. To see through/imagine/feel the space.

I had my original plan for this piece of art. The art has taken on a life of its own. Working together, the piece evolves.

Silent language.

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