This is another of my embroideries from years ago. Unfinished. But somehow that suits my message today. I feel like these people are all waiting with expectation that they will get somewhere. They will get there – they have faith.

The opposite of faith is not doubt. The opposite is certainty.

That’s a quote from Annie Lamott. Those may not be her exact words. But close. The gist is there for me. It’s okay be so sure one day and then wonder – where was I ? – the next. And to keep going. To have faith.

I had chosen a certain set of colors at the start of my piece. But now I’m adding another and even featuring it. Of course, I ran out of that newly added dye color. No problem – I can get it if I mix other colors. Oops! Not so easy. But it will work. I won’t get THAT color, but I never had THAT color anyway. Every time I dye, somehow (temperature? mixture? cloth?) it’s not the same. In dyeing, there is no certainty. So, it’s a small matter. And it may just be the fluctuation I need anyway.

I tend to think I know where I’m going. But it’s all faith.

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