the woods are

Lovely, dark and deep

But I have promises to keep… (Frost)

Yes, don’t we all?

It’s fall. And the promises are calling calling calling us. Come back inside. Come back to – to what? To what we focus on when we aren’t drifting off inside nature’s caress. When we aren’t limp from her warm sun and soothing waters.

I’ve been spending less time outside now, but perhaps valuing it more. I notice the seemingly random but perfect ordering of the leaves on the hobble bush (a personal favorite) (and who can deny: that’s a great name for a plant?). I see the way the winter berry leaves are so tough, even though they are nicks and tears. I love the clumsy shapes of baby ferns, so chubby before they become feathery tall and full grown.

I love these woods. LOVE them. How they feed my peace of mind. How they feed my art. How vital they are to all of us.

I’ve been reading Lo-Tek, a book that describes the ingenious ecological systems of sustainable agriculture of indigenous people around the world – in the high mountains. rain forest, desert. It’s a dense read. And I come away filled with appreciation.

For this earth. For people who relate to it intimately. Whose lives are so aligned with what benefits the whole eco system.

I want everyone to cherish nature. To pay attention. Notice.

And feel connected.

(I wrote this post in September. I never sent it but the gorgeous weather we’re having now feels like then.

The BIG difference is that we have been through a bit of cold weather. AND we’ve been through the intensely distracting election.

The woods and I are sighing with relief at the results.)