holding on

I relate:

Holding on to the remnants of summer. Holding on to those odd days that blow in warmer weather. Holding on to the sense of peace that fall offers before…. dun-da-dun… winter arrives.

My pup loves this time of year. The little chipmunks are scurrying everywhere through the leaves. Gathering their nuts. Squealing at the sound of danger: “dog alert!” She has yet to touch one. It’s all just an excuse to jump with delight and run full tilt.

Our path together wends its way right next to the lake and is very uneven. Which is to say, that when conditions get – well – wintry, it may not be easy to navigate. Peaches and I are in complete denial.

What does she care about the future?

Present tense.

That’s the best reason for owning a pup.

As I spend more time inside. More time for art. More time looking out versus being out.

I still am aware of how much I love being out.