black and white

Yesterday the lake was wide open water. One day later, and it’s ready to give up all those reflections we’ve enjoyed for many months. Enjoyed, in fact, for much later into the season than I can recall. It’s been a warm fall. Up til now.

I admit, I was NOT looking forward to winter weather. I fell and hurt my ribs in early November. No broken bones. Just damaged that sheath underneath them called the intercostals. I would have preferred a less emphatic way to appreciate all they do for me.

Today, I gingerly shoveled a narrow path out the front door so Peaches and I could enjoy our white stuff. And frolic in the black and white. She loved it. Bouncing like a bunny as the snow glommed onto her every hair.

Back inside, well – yes: COLOR!

You must feel it too – this time of year: you LOVE color wherever you find it. Who would notice a red ribbon in summer? Now: yes. Red.

Yellow feels good too. For cheer. And orange … you can practically taste it.

Always curious about color, I was appalled to read that nothing has intrinsic color. It’s all reflection. I find myself puzzling: how can this be a known fact? Who detects the non-color if all of us see it? It’s wild to me. Especially when I find it so redeeming. Who doesn’t?

On a day like today.

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