it’s Monday

Oh yeah. It’s Monday. Back in your seat. Pencil in hand.

You make one mark. You make the next. Then oops. Where’s your eraser, darn it? Smudge smudge smudge. You did NOT mean to do that and now look…

You just wanted it to be right. You wanted it to be perfect. You didn’t want to go back, fix it.

Monday. A whole week ahead to get it right. Yes.


You’re on the phone forever this morning, talking to some really kind people who were working – yes working – for some government agencies that you needed to reach. You weren’t looking forward to it. You were told the wait on the phone would be 2 (!) hours. Who holds for that long? You call back because, yes, you had pushed the wrong button and, phew!, your agent was not that long wait away. She, in fact, was incredibly pleasant. And knowledgeable. You ended up talking to 5 women. All on their game.

And you feel doubly grateful to them. For being there at this time. And for helping you sort out your confusion.

On Monday.

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