This rough sketch on the rough paper – can you see? Yes. On a bench, people all jammed together. Way back when.

Can you hear their laughter? Their chit chat. You know they’re making a commotion.


I was on my daily and so welcome walk with Peaches. In the woods. I hear this cacophony coming from a shallow pond. It’s too early for frogs – it was snowing yesterday. They must be ducks. Peaches and I sneak in close. All this – was it quacking?

We hear each sound now so distinctly. We try to see the culprits. Where is the each outburst coming from? This end. That. But I cannot see any source. I wait. Peaches sits.

And then the sound stops. Dead quiet. Nothing. Darn! Are they quiet because we’re quiet???

I walk away. Nothing. I’ll go back tomorrow. I want to know.

And tomorrow, Ariella is done her quarantine!

At home, surely: more sounds.