I don’t know why I had to draw this image. Or maybe I do. Maybe I wanted to be the one swinging. Or the one upside down. Or just with.

The word “with” has taken on a new dimension for the past while.

I was just texting Hunter. Who’s with her new baby. And with her partner, Lynn.

At this time I would have been with her (if travel hadn’t been interrupted). All three of them. Together.

And, no. I’m here. Swinging solo.

It’s sad. Really sad. Yes.

It’s given me an appreciation for “with” that I never had before. So when I DO get to be with Hunter and Artemis and Lynn… When I do get to be with this person I love and that person I love – that are not right now living with me …

When that time comes…

I’ll be pumping the swing. I’ll be upside down. When I’m not smooshed right next to them.