Okay, so life is going along going along going along.

Park time, woods walk time, feeding time, that expected routine. Day in day out. Slight shifts. Nothing major.

Then… what’s this? Someone else taking me to the dog park? And only the dog park? Day after day? For weeks.

Okay, okay … let me get used to this. This time when my owner can’t even go outside. Different. Very different. But okay.

I think I know what to expect. I’ve gotten used to this new pattern when, it ends. Instead, I suddenly find myself riding in the car with Ariella. She takes me to a room that is not in our house. And we stay there.

We stay there for day after day. I go out for many many walks with Ariella and get lots and lots of pats. I snuggle up with her day in and day out. So this is my life. Got it. Until..

She drops me back off with my owner. My owner can take me out now. And Ariella isn’t staying all the time in that room.

I’m back home. With my owner. It’s kind of like it once was.

But not.

No dog park. No seeing other dogs and other people. Not the same.

New routine.