My brain is on the theme of babies.

This drawing of young ones hints at babies much older than little Artemis.

Artemis. “Temy”. A sweet infant. All wrapped up, swaddled in a blanket.

He’s a blessed newborn.

My mind hears this word. Baby. Mulls it over.

In some odd way, the baby – the sense of being small, being suddenly surprised by the world – is metaphorically how I have felt myself recently. I’m wondering over and over: what is happening? Where am I?

And what I want is to feel the presence, the reassurance of another person. To feel that sense of warmth. That caring.

To know, yes, I’m not alone. I’m safe. There is love around.

And what I feel when I hear a friend’s voice or get a friend’s text is: Yes. I’m here. You’re here.

You are cared for. Yes. You are loved.