I had about 10 minutes of time for art today – but thought I’d share that image anyway. Listening.

As we go through this time. We are being asked to listen. Intently, at times.

Yeah. I can’t say I like the reason why. But I like that there is so much listening. To each other.

I’ve had the pleasure of long rides with Wesley, my 22 year old neighbor. In these long rides, he has shared about his growing up in Bath, what he wants to do with his life, what his friends are doing. And more recently, how he’s reacting to the current events.

What I get is such a profound sense of caring. I get that he makes choices out of deep concern for others. He’s a young man guided by honor.

Right now, he’s in an EMT course. He happened to be enrolled in it prior to any knowledge of his skills, in all likelihood, being needed so soon. I feel comforted knowing him. Knowing there is that level of care for us. All of us.

What a gift it’s been: just listening to him.