When my children were young, we had a dinner table ritual of asking each one to share about their day. We’d go around the table and, one after another, hope to hear a bit from each. Together. Sharing. Talking.

Ariella, maybe 6 years old(?), quickly figured out the fun of this. And decided that what she most wanted was to be the one talking. In order to hold the stage, she’d start out very slowly, “Todaaaaaaaaay….” So funny.

And so, here I am with “Today…” Yes. Todaaaaaaaay I got my hair cut! It’s short.

When you can’t hold a hair dryer you want short hair. Believe me. Another left handed learning.

And to get my hair cut, of course I had to be driven 45 minutes either way. Dear Bronwen, my sister-in-law, who I hadn’t seen in ages, offered a ride. Plenty of time to – you guessed it – talk. One way. Then the other.

None of this would have happened if I had been able to drive.

Lots of talking time.


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