(The paler colored horses? Hard to photograph. They are playing with being there and being barely there.

They are happening happening happening. One day, this creation, the next day, maybe shifted. Or totally shifted.)

I have a friend whose talent is organizing. She just visited and I cannot tell you what a gift she gave me. My home made so much sense after her stay here. Tidy.

And now I look around: wow. Stuff everywhere. And yet, I know.

I know when there are piles of silk everywhere, it’s a good sign. It means I’m focusing on is my art. I don’t even see the discombobulation.

So, about this subject of alignment? I understand what it means: feeling good. But: to do with my art?

There are days when I shouldn’t touch anything. Off limits. Disaster.

But outside of those clearly terrible times, my ins and outs seem to kind of serve me. The – oh man, this sucks, take it all apart – those can be inspired moments for me. Radically undoing something. Nothing is precious.

If anything, what I find more applicable is: time of day. I can see that in the morning, I’m more rational. I tend to think more a + b = c. As opposed to the evening. Later in the day, a + b is meaningless. I’m letting a slip inside b; c is forgotten.

Because of this, the evening space often works better for my art. I will take things apart, re-invent. Be sloppier. Make mistakes.

And that is often what I want.

I’m always looking for possibility. Where I see what might be new perspective. New depth. Then, with this insight, I can see how it needs to coalesce.

Align. Yes. In my art.

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