I woke up tired. Out of sorts. Grey mind. Grey outside.

The day started off on a low note.

For me, that is. I took Peaches to her woods. Her absolute favorite place. At this time of year, these trails are not appealing to most other humans. She is convinced this piece of the outdoors belongs to her. None of this hesitant, “I’m not sure”, that she will display in the dog park or on more frequented trails on the other side of town. Instead, she’s confident. Heading out freely ahead of me. Before she goes full form into her favorite winter game: acorn tossing.

We start off at a leisurely pace. Just a sweet woods walk. Then, at some point, she needs that nut. She starts sniffing. Digging into the snow. And … triumph! She’s got it. She scoots off wildly. this way and that way, through the woods. And then, circling back to show me, she nonchalantly tosses her prize in the air with an aerial twist. “Where’s my acorn?” She’s full of herself. She recovers it to jet off again and repeat this whole song and dance. Again. And again.

Happy? I’d say. Yes.

How’m I supposed to hold on to my grey with this display on hand?

I head back home. Afterwards, tucked back in the warmth indoors, she will rest. And I’ll be, yes, searching for my own acorn or two.