I tell myself

Day before yesterday, I wrote a blog about an earlier iteration of this piece. Never shoulda done it. I’m not following my own advice.

I tell myself: “Never talk about a piece while I’m working on it.” Or at least, don’t proclaim that I know where it’s going. Especially – or perhaps- BECAUSE I may just reverse direction.

As in this case. Where my whole point in the previous blog post was declaring that I was staying really close to the color itself. And definitely not pulling in intense contrast. As in opposition.

BUT, I’m blaming my colors: they are SO seductive. Really. How can you not want to pull in those delicious blues to play off the blinding light of the yellows? You can see, it just has to happen.

It’s like the colors are in charge. “Pay attention. This is what needs to shift.”

And tomorrow, when I look again: “This – THIS – must be done.”

The darn art is talking. I’m just here. Trying to listen.