Someone asked me today what I did with my art. Did with my art? When I’m not inside it?

It felt like when I get the question: how are you? And I wonder if my answer should be about this moment? this day? this lifetime?

It’s all about perspective. Near, mid, far distance. I was so immersed in what I was doing today that the question about my art – in the larger context – seemed unfathomable at first.

But actually, those conundrums are what I kind of love. Inside my artwork, that is. Shifts. When you normally would expect to see one set up. But then are presented with another.

Lately, what I’ve had fun with is – you guessed it – color. In the past, I’ve used color opposition to highlight/ to lead the eye. That was what I somehow expected as the way to “read color”.

But now, I wonder: how close can I get with two colors or within a color, and still allow the viewer to distinguish what it is I’m presenting?

I’m letting the eye sort it out. Engaging. Not being obvious.

Exploring my latest conundrum.

Inside. Who cares what I’m doing with my art. This is about color and seeing and and and…


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