first time

Nika and I took little Cecilia to the dog park today. First time. First time for Cecilia to see so many little pups running around together. She was pointing with her index finger: at one, then another, then another. So much to see. Never before seen.

She was seeing dog. As in what a dog can be. This. That. The one over there.

And in my art: I am focusing on the horse. I recall over and over: this horse, that horse. And the other.

As in: how do I see a horse? I’m coming up with this image that is almost indecipherable. Which may have been how I did see that animal the first time, when I was unable to focus my eyes early on in life.

But what I love about leaving the image unclear at this point, is that I want it not to be obvious. I want it to involve looking, to take a minute. To take time to see this horse for the first time.