Could Peaches be any closer to that fan??? It’s hot. It’s suuuuummmmer.

Amanda was asking me yesterday where my horse art was – (she’s only seen me knitting in the last few days – wool no less). I told her I had it carefully tucked away, arranged safely for access once guests were not here and I could take over the large table again. When I was alone.

What I didn’t think to mention was: in summer, the windows are open. In this heat and humidity, every bit of wind is welcome. And for some reason, we are getting that wind. But not all the time. And not in any way that I can predict; for days it’s been on and off, sometimes minute by minute. Who knows when the next wind burst/rain storm will descend.

Could that mean: start something fresh? Get on with it? Pull the frames out of hiding; pull out the dyes…?

OR check out all the tidbits of cloth that are already done. Lying around. In wait.

These times are fertile. Open-ended. What’s next? AND…

it’s suuuuummmer. In what? One day. Maybe two. Another visitor. Another welcome friend. Another person to enjoy, relax with. To celebrate this sun (?), this sky, this water, this place on earth.

Aaaaah. Yes. Summer.