all about the hands

…technology is taking over so many aspects of our lives that I think there’s a need for a small tribe of makers to keep up the low-tech and the hand-made. Man-made… always catches my attention. Direct traces of people’s hands and vision. ~ Anna Schuleit

(Schuleit is a fine artist who has won acclaim for her deeply moving installations as well as her paintings.)

Doesn’t everyone LOVE using their hands? Currently, I’m knitting a blanket for Nika and Scott’s baby, due near Christmas. I thought I knew how to knit, but hearts? They require attention. None of the more mindless moving of fingers that I’ve done in the past.

I admit, I enjoy it. It feels good. It feels good painting on silk. It feels good sewing. It feels good knitting. Making with hands.

My sense is that the hands imbue the creation with an energy of the person. That others pick this up and respond to it. And thus we “feed” each other.

With our hands. And the time. The touch. The caring that hands carry.

We all benefit from the tribe. Anna Schuleit’s tribe. It’s all about the hands.