80 percent

80 percent: how good my inner ear is now. That’s what my dear acupuncturist told me. I’ve gotten so accustomed to this not-quite- centered feeling that I didn’t know how to answer when she initially asked how I was doing. But I could feel from the intensity of the needles that my body was still working on this one.

I think I’m upright, but maybe not so much. Like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I do know that I’m still less than full energy. Way less. Busy brain, working overtime on this one.

But I will get better. Thank goodness for  eastern medicine. I just need to rest and – restore my yang. Get my heat back.

What a perfect time to do that. This summer is proving to be unusually warm. And – as you can see – my dear horses, a few finally swaying in the breeze, are perhaps welcome as shade.

If I get them 80 percent done, I will be glad.

100 percent?

I tell myself: no hurry. Take it easy. It’ll feel great.