no dyeing today

It’s been a while.

I stretched the silk on the frame, all ready to dye the strips that would “frame” those horses – finally finish the piece. But then… I was up in the garden, pushing more beet seeds into the ground (I’ve never had a problem growing beets. What’s with this crop?) and I realized that I maybe didn’t need anything more for my art.

I didn’t need to dye more cloth. Instead, I thought: how about seeing if the squares can hang freely with the slightest attachment: just thread? Let the sun and light filter through. Perhaps less is more.

So I didn’t dye the cloth. I’ll try the seemingly simpler method first. Find out if it that’s enough. Or not.

Oh, the journey with art. After each piece is done, I could do a repeat in a fraction of the time. But when it’s being born, it’s one experiment after another. Feeling my way along.

Like life, right? What’s that expression: 20 20 in hindsight. Yeah.

So, I can say that the weather is perfect today. That I feel good. And that my art is just – evolving.