all fall down

“Ring around the rosies….All fall down.” Oh for nursery rhymes…

But yes, last Wednesday I “all fall down”. I ended up spending the day in the ER because I had collapsed from dehydration.

It’s how many days later (?) and I’m still very low energy. Today was the first morning I woke up when I didn’t have vertigo. I needed each day to  absorb enough electrolytes to calm down my imbalanced body. It’ll take a while to get back to myself again.

And this is the second time within a year when I have overdone/overexerted and suffered for it. I was chastising myself in the ER, where they gave me a CT scan and EKG to make sure I wasn’t impacted by something else. But in the end, when it was clearly just severe dehydration, the kindly doctor told me how he, an ER doctor, had almost died from the same issue. The issue that results from: “I just want to get this one last thing done, and then I need to do that over there, and while I’m at it…”

That was my story. Long days. Long mulching in the garden. Long sunshine… And not realizing that I needed to drink steadily as I worked, not afterwards.

So, slow wins. Slow. Now, no option.

When will I honor slow? Slow while sipping water. Slow while tasting the water. Yeah, this tastes good. Yum.

(time out)

Sweet slow.

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