of course

thunderstorm coming

Yes, I forgot. I forgot to name many who dropped by, jumped in, laid back, enjoyed the lake. All of whom I thoroughly enjoyed:

Those wild adventurers, Oren (NYC/Texas), and David, the musician, who joined Samsun on days of 12 miles per day hikes of vertical NH mountains.

There was Clarissa who crossed over from Ireland with her dear 8 month old Wynn.

Not to mention Ariella’s priceless friends: Shannon (CA) and Rose (Chicago, right?) and Monsharee, fresh back from the Phillipines.

And, of course, dear Camilla (I’ll say Mexico), Eva (SF) fresh off her wild triathlon, and Sasha – who joined the climb up treacherous Mt. Percival 2 weeks before her wedding date. And lived to tell.

Plus Corey, Emmy and their one year old Beatrix, taking a few days off of their work with the Lion King musical.

Did I leave out Trum? Who was, of course, here. Chainsawing trees away from the house, no less.

And Daniel, clearing the long-lost child trails through the woods.



Let’s have some thunder!

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