So in my latest best-loved book, The Invention of Nature, von Humboldt is struggling across an endless grass landscape in South America when he encounters an occasional palm tree. It was his appreciation for the palm tree in that setting that led to his idea of a keystone species. The fact that one plant could help so much else – the insects, the moisture, the wind, the soil, the shade – to him it was like that one stone in an arch that supports the whole structure.

The keystone.

And in my life? The keystone? Regardless of what else is going on, what do I need? It seems that always, always I need to do something with my hands. Make something. And it seems to be best when it’s something I can feel. Feel the yarn. Feel the cloth. I love the images. And I love the touch.

I hear that often asked question, “What are you passionate about?” I wonder if a better question would be, “What do you do day in and day out that anchors your day?” Supports your soul?

Your keystone.