starting in on “dark hearts”

It’s September. It’s after Labor Day. The BIG SUMMER has ended.

I thought to myself: “Now I can re-enter my internet world”. As if it was a world of its own.

No. The internet is worlds. And this summer, what I interacted with were other worlds:

There was the world of my daughter, Hunter’s, wedding to Lynn in Toronto. With all its heartfelt wonderfulness and crowded busyness. Emotional. Beautiful. So much fun.

There was the world of my daughter, Nika, who is pregnant and expanding in size and joy every time I see her. (I’m including you in that joy equation as well, Scott.)

There was the world of my third daughter, Ariella, swooping in for visits from DC, and gathering herself for a year in Algiers.

Not to mention my son, Samsun, here for a month with Amanda, then off to China.

And my friend who just left to return to her ashram in Portugal.

Did I forget to note Victor driving up from Boston with his Palestinian girlfriend, Sama?

And Jesse and Emmanuelle from Santa Fe. Yay!

And our beloved Trinidadians (can we still call you that?): Marlene and Marvin and Mikaili.

Oh, yes, and also …  “the burners”: Caroline and Nat, from Somerville and Concord.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten others. Other worlds that landed here. For a time. This summer.

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