At certain times, I want to be distracted. I welcome distraction. I look for it.

This past week, I had a friend visit. Yay! Time out.

Kristin and I have known each other for years and years. Recently, she has opted to live in a very southern climate while I… I moved ever so slightly further north. Regardless, Kristin decided to brave a visit in January. The week that it decided to snow and snow, drop colder and colder, then whip around to rain and wind and warm. In other words, the weather was the worst week ever here, for her stay. To emphasize it, a tree decided to land on my car.

The good side of all this for Kristin is that she now has no doubts about the wisdom of her choice of residency. And the good side for me is that I was NOT in my car when the tree decided to fall on it. And the final good side is…

That for many people, none of this mattered. They were not at all distracted by the weather. They were busy growing into a bigger and better selves: