Can you make out the orange kite sail that is speeding this skater along? It is seriously cold out there. And windy. He needs to love what he’s doing.

But just 10 minutes away, there is this huge pond skating event. There are hundreds of men and women playing and watching ice hockey all day – and it’s well below zero. Not accounting for wind chill.

Me? I’m feeling the cold. I was out walking Peaches and within a few minutes it felt like my coat was useless. The cold is bitter. It hurts. I’m back inside with my pup and my art. Happy that I have a warm fire burning.

And then thinking: this is my world. But for those playing hockey? The ice is excellent this year. They play hockey for years, they get a team together, practice with them, plan to travel, drive from near and really far, lug huge amounts of gear, spend several days at the tournament … they are INTO pond hockey. It’s their world.

And that kite sailor. Lots of equipment. Lots of commitment. His world.

It’s uplifting to see others take advantage of conditions that are so adverse for me. Conditions that daunt me, suit them. And I get to see that: to witness their joy out there in that cold.

And for me. I’m inside looking out. Surrounded by piles of warm colors.