(“I choose this chair – not that one you spilled dye on!”)

I just got back from a trip to the city – always rejuvenating. Lots of talking, laughing, lots of people. So good.

I always like to listen to CDs on the long drive and, on the way home, I heard an idea that excited me. It was about what a huge influence choice can be about getting something done. Instead of: I have this huge project to do (groan, groan), or this long list of stuff to accomplish (again: groan, groan), it’s do I want to start with my favorite part or leave that to last?, Or, shall I work in this room or that? It doesn’t even matter what the question is, it’s the choice that gets things going. The brain loves choice.

I seem to remember that this was a tool that my daughter used when she was working with particularly challenged young students: “Red pencil or blue?”

And some days, with certain tasks, someone should be asking me that. Yeah. Choose your pencil.

And then:

little paper or big paper?

small story or epic?

smidgen dream or HUGE?

Which paper, which story, which dream,

which life.

So, yeah. I’ll start with the red pencil. No, I mean the red dye ~