I was trying to capture the crystalline formations on the surface of the newly formed ice in this photo. And then there is my dock rope. Not so natural, I would think.

But then, I just was reading in D. G. Haskell’s The Songs of Trees:

The belief that nature is an Other, a separate realm defiled by the unnatural mark of humans, is a denial of our own wild being.

Wow. That totally got me. I think of myself as someone kind of aware of duality. Not so much, evidently. I surely have carried this reverence for nature. NATURE. Out there. Something I need.

Surely not something I (or any people) are. Woops! Hmmmm…

So… I am/we are nature. We are all WILD BEINGS.

I’ll take that.

And the sweet truth of it: the sun, the trees, the water, the rope, my window, my self,

my art,

my words,