the middle way

(trial hanging a few pieces of fabric)

I’m getting near to the point I can put the pieces in place for this wall hanging I’ve been working on for so long. It’s got me all on edge. Partly because, even now, when I mess up, I need to go back to square one. Like the child’s board game Shutes and Ladders, that sends you so far back for landing on the wrong square.

I’m required to NOT be absent minded. A tall order for me. I know that.

I heard something recently quoting Lao Tzu and the middle way. He points out that all energy is like a mountain stream: you overfill it and it’s all over the place; you don’t have enough water and there’s no stream. You want the middle way. You want to hear the song made by the babbling, gentle, easy flow.

Finding that place has been key for me through this whole project. And the minute I’m off my game, blam! It’s obvious. Back to square one.

The reason this project is such a challenge for me is because of the materials I’ve chosen: they’re largely translucent. I can’t hide anything. I either like each piece of fabric or I eliminate it.

And those that I decide I like? They’re not perfect. They are also not unbearable. Hopefully – somewhere in the middle, somehow part of that stream.

Possibly singing that song.

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