I was passing a sign in a nearby town: BEHIND THIS SNOWBANK IS A GREAT STORE.

Well, thanks to the sun outside, you can’t see my interior “snowbank” very well. I could have a sign that read: BEHIND THIS CONFUSION IS A GREAT IDEA. Hopefully someday art. And wouldn’t it be great if it was great! But meantime, yeah, a lot of stuff all over the place

I have lots of dyeing going on. Cloth here. Cloth there. Cloth behind and in front of me.

Frames crashing over on my unsuspecting pup. When she goes to fetch a toy now, she makes a very circuitous route. My frames really bang when they fall.

In creating art, each piece is quite different for me. In the last large wall-hanging I created it sequentially, left to right. This one, I’m doing like a large puzzle. I first am preparing all the pieces. Then I’ll assemble it.

The question is : Out of all the chaos, will it come together? Will there be anything “great” behind the snowbank???

That’s the wild part.